frequently asked questions


What is Gold Morals Studios shipping process? Also what is average shipping time?

Gold Morals Studios provides a seamless manufacturing and shipping process. After you make a purchase, your order first goes into processing, which average time is less than 24 hours. After processing we will begin manufacturing products within your order, average time for product manufacturing is 2-4 days depending on order size. Once all your products are manufactured, we will then ship order to you, average shipping time is 1-5 days depending on shipping location. Customers will be notified via email throughout entire manufacture and shipping process. 

For any questions about an order you have placed, please login to your account and submit a support ticket.

Where does Gold Morals Studios ship from? Also do you offer pickups?

Gold Morals Studios “for now” ships all products from Midwest of USA. Our standard shipping cost is $4.99 domestic and $19.99 international. 

We currently do not offer pickups but this is subject to change in near future. For more information please contact us via email at (


What are the specs for your luxury tees?

Gold Morals Luxury Tees are all made in Portugal and imported to the USA. Luxury Tees weight is 10.5oz, 100% cotton, 235GSM and pre-shrunk. All luxury tees come with “how-to-wash” tags. Luxury Tees features includes best comfort, heavy-weight fabric, soft premium texture and thick 1″ collar using 1*1 RIB. Luxury tee fit information includes oversized / boxy fit, dropped shoulder, size down for standard fit.

What are the specs for luxury hoodies? 

Gold Morals Luxury Hoodies are all made in Portugal and imported to the USA. Luxury Hoodies weight is 36oz and 100% cotton, also 465GSM French Terry, totaling average weight of 2LBS. Features of luxury hoodie includes pre-shrunk, best comfort, lint-free inside, premium durability, heavy weight ribbing, double-lined hood and kangaroo pouch pocket. Fit information includes oversized dropped shoulder, signature luxury streetwear fit and true-to-size boxy cut / not slim.


What payment methods does Gold Morals Studios accept? 

Gold Morals Studios LLC. offer various payment methods for purchase. The most used is Credit or Debit Cards, we also offer direct invoicing for large orders and we also accept crypto as payment.

How to make purchase using Crypto? 

We integrated crypto to create a decentralized payment system with no third-party operators. How does it work? It’s simple, first you create your order and on checkout page you can connect your crypto wallet. Crypto Wallets we support are MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Binance Wallet and WalletConnect. Once wallet is connect you can choose which crypto currency you would like to pay with. Crypto Currency supported is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance plus more. Also instant transaction confirmations via blockchain. For more information about making crypto payments please contact us via email at ( we have a entire department ready to answer questions.

If you are currently looking for a new crypto wallet we recommend MetaMask Wallet